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Discover the world of Timepieces and make your life easier

Ah, timepieces! They are a safe haven and a pleasure investment thoroughly enjoyed daily.
King Charles formalized the art of watchmaking with the foundation of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers in 1631, and since then, timepieces have gained ever-increasing importance.
Not only they add the perfect finishing touch to every look; they are game-changers when it comes to carrying prestige and craftsmanship in our person.

Why choose a timepiece?

Timepieces have an estimated value based on their technical characteristics, the brand's know-how, aesthetics, the research that led to their mechanical performance, the materials used, and the time spent in their manufacture.
Timepieces belong in the luxury sectors. Though the cost is justified by the amount of technology, research, and time to craft these pieces, the prestige is brought by the brand's notoriety, the robustness, their rarity, and the complications added.
Timepiece brands get their rating after decades, even centuries, of engineering and craftsmanship.

Types of movements

Mechanical timepiece

This is a manual piece winded every day with a button. The style has its niche; they are high-quality watches veneered by collectors and old-fashioned craft lovers.

Automatic timepiece

Here the movement of the wrist is enough to generate the spring movement. Their appreciation lies with aficionados for advanced watchmaking, looking for rarity and originality.
Automatic or manual, these two movements do not affect the luxurious character of the timepiece.
It comes to a matter of preference.

Differences between timepieces and watches

The differences are significant and have long detailed answers, but understand this: they are two completely different concepts.


The status of a timepiece requires specific criteria for the performance of the watch; it is a kind of guarantee that the movement has been checked and tested by an official organization with a strict set of rules.


The mechanism in a timepiece must be necessarily equipped with an electronic system to correct errors caused by temperature fluctuations. Regular watches do not require such engineering.


While watches use quartz to be electrically stimulated by a battery that oscillates at a specific frequency, a timepiece has at least fifty interconnected mechanical parts. These parts will be much more numerous, depending on the complexity.


This meaningful word has been an obsession for watchmakers. A timepiece in its modern definition is a watch that has been tested and certified to meet specific standards, and that can be relied on for precision.


Various independent official certification bodies are permitted to test and verify watches for eligibility. For watches made in Switzerland, COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) is the official organization that certifies timepieces.

How to choose a timepiece

Choose the design
An aspect that has become more and more important in recent years. Practicality versus refinement, sporty versus fancy, traditional versus contemporary. The same works for water-resistance and diving. Chose the design that best translates you.
We are sure that you already know which models you prefer. Use your imagination and visit a jewelry store to feel how timepieces communicate with you once you try them.
What should your watch be able to do? If you travel a lot, there is a model for you; if you are always in business meetings, you can find timepieces for that end.
Maybe you go to social gatherings or are a sportsperson or prefer a durable model for your adventures. Find timepieces for specific occasions; you can even become a timepiece collector.

Seek expert assistance

This is the best way to learn everything timepieces can do for you. Once you understand each timepiece's unique characteristics, you can link them to your lifestyle and the type of watch you need to make it easier.
In this article, we've presented incredibly reliable timepieces, which is the fundamental element to make them work for you.
Whichever timepiece you chose, know you will be making an incredible choice over a quartz watch. Timepieces hold or increase their value over time, and you can be confident in their certificates and approved technology.
And finally, there is no better feeling than connecting to a timepiece you know to improve your status and provide you with cutting-edge technology.
If you are looking for timepieces in Rogers, Arkansas, head to Blakeman's. We have been helping customers find their favorite watches since 1987.
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