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The wonders of
Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is so enticing because it inspires warmth, sophistication, and romance. No matter the shade we like the most, gold always shines! We can create refined looks with elegance and originality with gold jewelry.

The idea of wearing different accessories made of gold evokes feelings of accomplishment, prestige, and luxury. This article covers the most frequent questions about gold and shows why this metal has been our favorite indulgence since the beginning of time.

Which gold is the best?
(10k vs. 14k vs. 18k vs. 24k)

The word karat marks the proportion of gold in an alloy. Gold in its pure form presents 24 karats; however, pure gold is too malleable a metal to give shape to robust jewels and resist friction and collisions. That is why gold is mixed with other metals creating alloys.

The alloy to make 18-karat gold consists of 75 % of the gold mixed with 25 % of nickel, zinc, or palladium. Creating 14-karat gold involves mixing around 60 % of gold with other metals. The same proportionality is applied to 10k gold.

In other words, the greater the karats, the more purity a jewel presents, and the more resistant to oxidation and corrosion it will be. With fewer karats, there is more hardness and durability.
Your choice should depend on how you plan on wearing your gold jewel. Lower karat golds work better with pieces
worn every day. Higher karats are ideal if you are looking for pieces to be worn only on occasion,
where there is salt air, and in cases of low purity metal allergies.

White gold, rose gold, or yellow gold?

Since gold is linked to other metals to form resistant jewelry, we have the opportunity
to pamper ourselves with yellow, white, and rose gold.

Rose gold has been in vogue for the last few years. The color is celebrated as a romantic shade and looks gorgeous paired with yellow gold jewelry pieces. Rose gold is formed by mixing gold and copper. The more copper, the more pinkish it becomes.

Yellow gold is very strong in the Italian segment. It is for those not afraid to catch eyes. While rose gold has only become popular in recent years, gold is still considered a classic metal that never goes out of style. Brushed gold finishes are the new sensation and impress with a polished aura while still
celebrating its golden supremacy.

White gold is the favorite shade of minimalists and lovers of fresh designs. This shade of gold works well with cool complexions. It is a favorite of people who wear many jewels while maintaining a neutral color. White gold receives a rhodium bath to make it ultra-lustrous. This gives jewels in white
gold an extra cover of protection!

What color of gold looks best with diamonds?

All gold shades look gorgeous with diamonds, but there is no denying that white gold matches diamonds well, sometimes making the diamond seem larger!

The silvery shade of white gold creates a stylish alternative to platinum with a shiny finish.

Which color of gold jewel is the most expensive?

It will be the karats in a jewel that determine if it will cost
more or less.

The amount of copper used to make rose gold usually makes it a color with fewer karats, but it might still be more expensive than a white gold jewel of even fewer karats.

Is gold jewelry a good investment?

People have been selling their gold jewelry for a good while. With the high demand for new trends and fashion campaigns, the need for gold has increased consistently. With natural sources of gold becoming rarer, most jewelry stores buy gold.
Now, how much you can get for your gold jewelry will always depend on the weight in gold it contains, the presence of gemstones or diamonds, the brand, the period (in case of vintage and antique) and the market demand.


Gold fashion trends

Gold jewelry has never been so popular. They come in style, evoking defiance and marking the most impressive statements!
Here are the favorite options:


Women's gold necklaces

Gold chains and necklaces are just what you need to layer fashion combinations! Simply place several gold chains of different lengths and thickness, and you will look like the queen of style!

Flexible and fluid, gold necklaces are warm with intense hues. Gold necklaces can feature exquisite pendants or tiny details along the chain. You can fashion urban or classic styles with complete freedom by indulging in gold necklaces.


Women's gold bracelets

Gold bracelets are an essential part of any look. They allow you to play with accents and sounds while drawing attention to central points.

You can use gold bracelets as functional pieces of jewelry. With their help, you can easily make your arms seem thinner and your hands even more graceful.


Women's gold earrings

Classic gold earrings beautify with a natural shine. While they often come with shimmering diamonds, gold earrings can vary from ultra-modern to vintage.

Gold earrings are recommended for their purity since many people have allergies to other metals. They will help create looks with elegance while attracting eyes to your face.

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At Blakeman's, you can buy trustworthy gold jewelry at affordable prices. Our consultants will show you the difference between karats and colors. You can choose a golden jewel
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