Clear your every doubt about Wedding Bands with this Guide

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Clear your
every doubt about Wedding Bands


How important are wedding bands?

Wedding rings have always been the main symbol, as well as the visibly lasting one, of a marriage. Over time, wedding bands have become an indissoluble symbol of the very concept of marriage, representing, in their spherical exactness, the perfection of a union between two people in love.

Both partners receive a wedding band during the ceremony and they each wear them on the third finger of their left hand. 

When you wake up the day after your wedding or honeymoon, you go back to work and to everyday life, the most obvious change is the ring you will wear on the ring finger of your left hand. It is the ring that tells your love story, the durable symbol of a man’s love for you and yours for him.

Differences between an engagement ring and a wedding band

Wedding bands (or wedding rings, the names are interchangeable) are exchanged between partners during a wedding ceremony. They are generally simpler bands compared to the engagement ring and do not have a prominent diamond or gemstone. Most commonly, wedding bands are purchased by the couple before the wedding.

Engagement rings are offered to a woman during a marriage proposal and they can have endless styles. The tradition says a man should surprise his girlfriend in a romantic setting. 

While engagement rings may be put away after your wedding, wedding bands will follow the two of you your entire lives. 

Purchasing your wedding band can be as romantic as your engagement proposal

Whether you prefer to purchase the wedding bands together or individually, never make finding the perfect wedding band an obligation. 

You can have a picnic or brunch in a special place and then visit your favorite jewelry store. Or purchase the rings and then plan a romantic, candlelight dinner. 

Give yourselves as much advance as you can afford, after all, by purchasing your wedding bands with calm, you will have time to wander around the jewelry store in search of something very, very, special, and find other solutions in case things do not go the expected way.

See this as an opportunity to appreciate your luck in finding someone special enough that you want them by your side forever and ever. 

Wedding Bands for him

Modern men appreciate and wear more and more jewelry, so it is no longer surprising that they too are offered so many elegant options for wedding bands: thin or large, solid metal or with designs, made from white, yellow gold, silver, or even platinum. 

 A man's wedding band is the jewel of his lifetime too, a strong symbol testifying to union and unconditional love he feels for a woman. Wedding bands for man feature exceptional designs where the quality and framework of the product play a very significant role. 

A platinum men's wedding band is a good compromise when you want a modern ring with unsuppressed quality. Titanium and tungsten wedding bands are elbowing their position as well, the matt gray and black overtones are gentlemen’s favorites. 

Wedding Bands for her

A vast selection of feminine and delicate models in fancy interpretations lies at your disposal. You will discover classic bands with encrusted diamonds all along (eternity bands) as well as sleek yellow, silver, rose gold, and platinum bands. 

Renowned jewelry stores like Blakeman’s continue to develop a range of combinations in two-tones or nestling bands that are sensitive to the charming harmony bands can showcase when placed beside an engagement ring.

The choice of having a band with precious stones or not is at the discretion of the couple, they are common with matching rings. Expert gemologists can advise you in this regard.

The most important aspect is this: identify models of wedding bands that exactly reflects you as a couple. Remember that, whatever the choice and regardless of color, shape, and material, the wedding rings can be personalized.

Budget for the wedding bands

We advise you to establish the maximum expenditure ceiling for the purchase of wedding bands. The two of you might be very controlled and have no issues sticking to a budget, but we’ve seen it time and again: sometimes, a wedding band simply resonates with the two of you like the mermaid singing in the myth. So, it is always better to give yourself some margin. 

In America, the custom is that the groom affords the wedding bands and he should save at least equivalent to twice his pay. This makes sense with the tradition that it is the family of the bride who affords the remainder of the ceremony.  

Gold is less expensive than platinum, but its karat must be taken into account. A lower percentage of gold present in the composition of the ring will cause its cost to drop a little, but at the same time will make it less durable. 

Also, a low-karat ring could cause contact allergies as it contains high percentages of nickel. If money is no issue or if the wedding bands are a gift, consider platinum and 18k gold. 

We suggest that every time you pass your favorite jewelry store, walk in, observe, try some on occasion, dialogue, share your expectations and preferences, and make a decision together on how much you want to spend. 

An idea that would allow you to save money by not giving up on the composition of the ring is to resort to simpler designs.

Cherish every step of finding your wedding bands

Think about this, you’ve found the right partner and you will be surprised how many times you will dream of the moment when you exchange vows and wedding bands in front of all your friends and family. 

Because the wedding ring is placed on the same finger as the engagement ring, many brides choose to move their engagement rings to the right hand for the ceremony, then bring them back to the left hand to stack their two rings.

Purchasing the right bands is a special phase of your relationship, both for your connection as a couple in general and in the preparations for the wedding day.

If you are in northwest Arkansas, visit Blakeman’s showroom to find the perfect wedding bands for the new Mr. & Mrs. We can help you by adding quotes and words that perhaps recall the wedding phrases you will pronounce on the altar on your big day.


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