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Look stylish and steal the show with jewel earrings

Earrings and can significantly change the perception of the face, hair, and eyes; for that, indulge yourself with brilliant earrings, large and small, gold and silver, sleek and complex. Dare combinations and interesting ideas to give a touch of glamor to any outfit. 

Ready to express your individuality? Earrings are a great opportunity for that. Take advantage of it to look put together, complete any look, and steal the show!

The many earring styles

Earrings are one of the most complex types of jewelry. The development of their asymmetric designs, shapes, and types is a perfected art that has been carried out by true masters. We’ve listed some of them below.


Hoop earrings are one of the most ancient types of earrings. In size, they go from very small, covering the earlobe, to earrings that touch the shoulders. The design of this type of earrings is simple and reliable, able to successfully complement any wardrobe.


Drop earrings provide the biggest effect for women to make their neck look taller. These earrings continue to take their place as one of the most indispensable jewelry for women.


Every woman probably owns at least one pair of stud earrings. They can be of a wide variety of shapes and sizes: from classic single small stones in a round setting or minimalistic metals to clusters of stones in compositions and ornamented patterns enclosed in various metal forms. 


The small rings near the ear are called huggies to differentiate them from the larger hoop earrings. Huggies fit snug against the earlobe and are in the current trend of minimalism, delicate and discreet jewelry. Huggies work well paired with other ear piercings or studs, making them versatile.


Chain earrings are jewelry without a lock, which is held in the lobe due to their weight. They usually consist of a central decorative element and a chain with a small pin at the end. 


These earrings resemble cuffs, but they are smaller and thinner, with a single type of lock. These earrings follow the neat curves of the ear without protruding beyond the lobe as if trying to climb to the very top of the ear.


Also called cascade. At the earlobe, chandelier earrings are narrow, widening downward.  The decor of such jewelry is replete with precious stones, openwork, tassels, and others. The layering and originality of such earrings always draw attention.

The symbology and fashion of gemstone earrings


Precious stones have a long history, over time the discovery of bright and colored stones led men to attribute meaning and value to each one of them, which effectively has turned them into indispensable treasures we like to show around.

Precious stones are not only the protagonists of beautiful jewels, but they hide a fascinating and mysterious story, with a meaning and symbolism. 

Diamond Earrings


The diamond is the most desired precious stone in the world, associated since ancient times with shine and royalty. Precious, diamonds symbolize both moral and intellectual values and represent glamour and invincibility.

The image of a person surprises and bewitches when their wardrobe and accessories showcase lots of diamonds. 

Sapphire Earrings


Sapphire is a precious stone that symbolizes honor and loyalty. In the past, it was considered sacred and it represented magic, friendship, and trust.

Among the earrings with precious stones, those with sapphire give you an air of wisdom, sophistication and elevate the eyes and any other blue piece you have on.

Amethyst Earrings


Amethyst is a symbol of joy and courage. Wearing earrings with this stone will show how self-confident and intelligent you are. 

Pearl Earrings


The pearl is one of the most loved and worn gems by women all over the world. Pearl earrings never go out of fashion.

For the ancient Greeks, it was the stone linked to women, to the moon, and purity. Do we have to say more?

Aquamarine Earrings


Aquamarine earrings evoke spirituality.

This gem of iridescent color between blue and green speaks of courage and freedom, you will look radiant in them. 

Metals & Earrings

Silver is a noble metal of bright color; silver reflects light very well.  Silver jewelry is sophisticated, and it allows workmanship with attention to the smallest details. 

Visibly it is the whitest and most polishable of metals, which makes it particularly beautiful for earrings. 

Gold is the king of precious metals. In its pure state, gold is a bright yellow metal, very soft, and the most ductile of all metals. Gold earrings are very durable.

Pure gold is malleable, so it is bound to other metals affecting its hues: by binding gold with copper, we have delicate rose gold while the lustrous white gold is obtained by alloying it with nickel and silver. All hues look stunning as earrings.

The color of Platinum is white-gray, similar to silver. It is a noble metal considered less precious than gold but endless times rarer. 

Platinum is purer, denser, and more resistant than gold. Platinum jewelry is very resistant to tarnish and will give you long-lasting earrings. 

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