Must-Have Necklaces And How To Style Them Like A Pro

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Must-Have Necklaces And How To Style Them Like A Pro

A beautiful necklace is all it takes to make even the most casual outfit look super elegant and stylish. That’s why having a few versatile necklaces in your jewelry box is not only a great way of upping your accessory game, but it’s also an easy way of boosting your wardrobe.

So, to help you build the perfect necklace collection with timeless designs you’ll be reaching for over and over again, let’s take a look at some must-have necklaces and how to perfectly style these gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Timeless necklace designs you need in your collection

necklace design

You might be wondering what necklaces are in style today, but the truth is that it’s much better for you to invest in timeless staples because these pieces never go out of style. Here are some necklaces you need to have in your jewelry box.

Pendant necklaces

Arguably one of the most popular necklace designs, pendant necklaces are essential to any jewelry collection. The great thing about them is that you can opt for designs that carry special meaning, such as pendants featuring the initials or birthstone of a loved one, or even a religious symbol. That’s a great way for you to make your jewelry even more personal, and always carry special keepsakes close to your heart.
Station necklaces

Station necklaces

Station necklaces are just as versatile as pendant necklaces and chains, but their unique design makes them a step-up in the stylish department - especially when you layer them with a couple of other necklaces! If you love colorful jewelry, then add a couple of gemstone station necklaces to your collection. But, if you can’t get enough of bling, then a diamond station necklace is the perfect piece for you. For a more discrete take on the design, opt for styles that feature precious metal beads, instead.
Gold necklaces

Gold necklaces

Gold is iconic. Not only do gold necklaces ooze luxury, but they also make any outfit look infinitely more stylish in seconds. The best part is that gold necklaces range from minimalist styles to ornate designs, so your options are endless. If you’re all about understated elegance, opt for a delicate gold chain. But, if you love statement jewelry, then layer gold necklaces of different styles and lengths for an eye-catching look.
Diamond necklaces

Diamond necklaces

Whether you prefer dainty diamond pendants, lavish tennis necklaces, or anything in between, these accessories are the perfect way to make any outfit look super chic. And, the best part is that diamond necklaces are no longer reserved for special occasions - they’ve become such staples that they can be easily incorporated into everyday looks, too. So, you can wear them day and night to add some bling to every outfit.
Gemstone necklaces

Gemstone necklaces

Gemstone necklaces are the perfect accessories for adding a pop of color to your outfits. You can layer a couple of different gemstone necklaces for a colorful, eye-catching look, or go in the opposite direction and stick to a single dainty gemstone pendant for a minimalist take on the design. For a more personalized option, go for a necklace that features your birthstone or that of a loved one.

What necklaces to wear with different necklines

You already know that necklaces are great for dressing up any outfit, but here goes a pro-tip
on how to style them: the key to choosing the perfect necklace to complete your look is to
know what designs best complement the neckline you’re wearing.

To help you with that, here’s a quick breakdown of what necklaces to wear with some of the most popular necklines.

different necklines

●    V-necks pair well with long pendants and chains. The more plunging the neckline, the longer your necklace can be. This pairing elongates your silhouette and adds a dramatic flair to your look.

●    Boat necks, off-the-shoulder, and sweetheart necklines look great with collars, chokers, short chains, pearl strands, and short tennis necklaces. The shorter the necklace, the better.

●    Collared shirts look amazing with necklaces that sit on the collarbone or just below it. A dainty pendant necklace is always a great choice, but station necklaces also work perfectly with button-downs.

●    Turtlenecks and high necklines look great with long chains. If you want to create a dramatic effect, layer a couple of chains and pendant necklaces of different lengths.

Where to buy necklaces in Rogers, AR?

Now that you know what necklaces you need in your jewelry collection and how to style them like a pro, it’s time to shop for your favorite designs! So, stop by Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry, and explore our necklace selection! 

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