Make Your Dreams Come True With Custom-Made Jewelry

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Make Your Dreams Come True With Custom-Made Jewelry

Nothing says a person matters more to you than having a custom jewelry piece made especially for them. Custom jewelry is an excellent way to celebrate an important event or milestone. Not only is it a declaration of your love and appreciation, but it’s also the ultimate jewelry you’ll remember forever.

Designing great jewelry is an art form and turning an idea into a beautiful piece of jewelry is the work of great craftsmanship. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings, or any other type of jewelry, the right jeweler can transform your dreams into reality.

Ring custom design

What is custom jewelry?

A custom-made jewelry piece is a unique piece which is designed especially for you. You have a consultation with a jeweler, where you tell them your ideas and share inspiration from photos or sketches. Then, they create a piece based on your feedback, transforming your dreams into reality. 


Why get custom jewelry?

Why not? Custom jewelry is an amazing option! Let’s take a look at some benefits of having your jewelry custom-made.

Custom jewelry

It looks exactly the way you picture it

You get to wear a piece that looks exactly like what you’ve always wanted. You’re the one who determines how simple or intricate the design is. You choose the precious metals, the gemstones, and the adornments you like. It’s all your choice!

Custom-made piece

Your piece will be one-of-a-kind

The design is entirely yours, so no one else in the entire world will own a piece like it. It’s a truly unique and meaningful piece of jewelry - a treasure to forever hold on to. In a world where everything is now mass-produced, there’s nothing like wearing a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Jewelry gift

It’s a deeply meaningful demonstration of love

When you take your time to put thought and consideration into designing a unique piece for someone you love, that shows how important that person really is to you. A custom-made piece of jewelry is a thoughtful gift that will last forever and will be a constant reminder of your love. And the best part is that you can incorporate design elements that are meaningful to both of you. 

custom jewelry necklace

It will never go out of style

Unlike clothes and accessories such as shoes or bags, custom-made jewelry never goes out of style because it’s one-of-a-kind, and it doesn’t follow trends. It’s always fashionable. A beautiful piece of custom jewelry is a staple accessory that will definitely be worn for years to come and can even be passed down to generations.

You have the creative control

When creating a custom piece of jewelry, you can combine the best aspects of your favorite parts of other pieces and leave out any design elements you don’t wish to incorporate on your own. Customization also allows you to bring your most inventive ideas to life! The sky's the limit, so don’t be afraid to go for exactly what you want.


Steps to creating your custom jewelry

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing your dream design come to life before your eyes. But, before that can happen,
you need to go through a few steps. Here are the five steps to creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry:

Jewelry designer


1. Meet with a trusted jeweler

The first step on your custom design journey is to talk about your ideas with an experienced jewelry designer. That way, you get to explain your vision, and the jeweler can gather what they need in order to create the jewelry piece of your dreams.


Custom jewelry quote


2. Get a quote

Receive a complimentary quote based on your design concept, precious metals and gemstones you intend to use, and the size of the jewelry piece.


Jewelry designer


3. Work on the concept

Here, your jewelry designer will take a deep dive into your ideas, drawings, and images,  and work with you to create the design concept.


Jewelry design concept

4. Get the model piece

Once your design concept has been finalized, a 3D computerized image or a wax model will be created. That way, you can see multi-angled renderings of your piece, and either approve the design or request modifications.


Custom design jewelry

5. Receive the jewelry piece of your dreams

Upon your final approval, the final piece will be created. Your beautifully finished piece is then thoroughly inspected by the quality assurance team. In no time,  you’ll be presented with the custom design jewelry of your dreams!

Where to get custom-made jewelry in Rogers, AR?

At Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry, we can transform your dreams into reality. See your design come to life before your eyes with the help of our graduate gemologist and in-house jeweler. 

You become the designer as you carefully select all the details of the piece of your dreams that we will create just for you. 

You can have complete confidence when you bring your ideas to us. Whether you need heirloom jewelry updated or you’re looking for a custom engagement ring, Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry has the expertise you expect.


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