Christopher Designs

Christopher Designs

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Christopher Designs is exactly what you need if you are searching for unique designs such as the exclusive Crisscut® stones. Christopher Slowinski, the founder of Christopher Designs, combines his traditional jewelry expertise with contemporary technology to create stunning pieces you will love.

Christopher Designs History

In 1981, Christopher Slowinski established Christopher Designs in the United States after serving as an apprentice to renowned jewelers in his native Poland. He now uses cutting-edge technology and traditional expertise to develop unique stunning pieces that feature his trademarked Crisscut® diamonds.

Crisscut Original Diamond

When the Original Crisscut diamonds were introduced, their setting of the 77 "crisscrossed" facets revolutionized a diamond's potential brilliance, turning Christopher Designs into a reference in the industry.

Christopher decided to concentrate on reimagining the generic round as his next project due to his never-ending quest for perfection and emphasis on innovation. In the words of the master Slowinski, “I have always been intrigued with taking something established and making it even more beautiful.”

Crisscut® Original Emerald

Crisscut® Original Emerald: Thanks to our innovative crossing faceting of Crisscut Original Emerald, you can have the timeless elegance of an Emerald Cut, with unrivaled sparkle.

Crisscut® Original Asscher

Crisscut® Original Asscher: The Crisscut Asscher diamond is a modern take on the classic Asscher cut, and is perfect for those who prefer a design with an emphasis on clarity.

Crisscut® Original Cushion

Crisscut® Original Cushion: The crisscrossed facets in our Crisscut Cushion diamonds makes them brighter in color and cleaner, allowing the most spectacular light performance.

Crisscut® Original Round

Crisscut® Original Round: The Crisscut Round diamond is a cut that exceeds standards to enhance light return and is wonderfully complemented by halo settings or side stones for added sparkle.

L'Amour Crisscut Diamond

L'Amour technology is used in Christopher Slowinski's L'Amour Crisscut Engagement Ring to produce a diamond that appears up to 50% larger than a typical emerald cut diamond of the same carat weight.

Crisscut® Original Classic

Crisscut® Original Classic: Each of our engagement rings are set with proprietary diamond cuts, which accentuate size, color, and clarity. Use Crisscut Original Emerald for the maximum size and sparkle.

Crisscut® Original Oval

Crisscut® Original Oval: The L'Amour Crisscut Oval is up to 35% larger than a comparable generic oval. This innovative and modern cut produces a brighter appearance with no unsightly bowtie found in typical oval diamonds.

Crisscut® Original Pear

Crisscut® Original Pear: The L'Amour Crisscut Pear is up to 50% larger than a comparable generic pear. They also have an even distribution of brilliance and no annoying bowtie, which is prevalent in generic pear diamonds.

Crisscut® Original Cushion

Crisscut® Original Cushion: The L'amour Crisscut Cushion is up to 60% larger than a typical cushion cut of the same size, while also seeming brighter and whiter.

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