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Meet Tudor Swiss Watches

Tudor History

Tudor’s origin: How was the brand founded?

The Tudor trademark was registered in 1926 by Swiss watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf. By 1946, following the end of World War II, in a context of a new world order, Wilsdorf seized the opportunity to found a brand with a unique identity, which later took on the form of the brand as we know it today. 

Tudor’s peculiarity is that it was a brand committed to bringing models for both men and women from day one. That made it special when compared to any other Swiss watchmaking brand of the time when the company was established: the fact that it offered its customers incomparable, stylish timepieces with excellent technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics. 
For Tudor, wearing a watch is more than just “time telling”. Tudor’s chronographs, moon phase, power reserves, and tech movements make sure there are more than enough outstanding features for those who wear it. Its exceptional character is certainly reflected in Tudor’s current shield logo, which is the perfect representation of its royallike character and reliability. 

What's there to love about Tudor Swiss Luxury Watches?

Tudor Man Watch

Perhaps one of Tudor’s most notable characteristics is the fact that it features some of the most diverse materials, offering a unique variety yet maintaining quality and design. This is one of the designer’s most reputable characteristics, and also the reason why the brand has so many famously exceptional ambassadors.

One of the most known ones is David Beckham. The British football star and champion has been a fan of the brand for years, fashionably showing off versatile sport-chic Tudor timepiece automatic designs as he goes about his days.

Tudor Woman Watch

Another celebrity that publicly expresses his preference for Tudor is Jay Chou, musician, actor, director and icon in the movie industry, aka "The King of Asian Pop", who is proud to wear the refined Tudor 1926 timepiece model. 

But the best thing about Tudor is that it crafts watches that are suitable for all situations. Whether you’re trekking outside or just in the office, the pieces from this Swiss watchmaker combine functionality with style in a way that you can pick and choose, according to the occasion. That way, the brand offers everything from the traditionally elegant Tudor Royal collection and Tudor Style collection to the exuberantly bold Tudor Black Bay collection.  
This guide will explore some of the brand’s models and collections, navigating through some of their fun and
creative functionalities so you can take into account your personal preferences and style your own way
to finding the absolute perfect Tudor timepiece match for you. So, let’s get started!

Joining the Rank of Swiss Best Luxury Watches

When Wilsdorf founded Tudor watches, he pursued the idea of crafting timepieces that could be sold for a more modest price than the Rolex watches that his company already produced, but without losing his originally intended quality reputation, trustworthiness, and superior design.
Tudor Box
In 1954, the brand embarked on a new strategy that would turn out to be essential to build up its legendary reputation: it launched its first divers' watch, the TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner reference 7922. Later, by 1967, the designer had already been supplying the US Navy with divers' watches since 1950 and it began to develop a new watch to attend to the specifications required by the American government, incorporating testing results from cutting edge research carried out by its innovative engineers.
Tudor Man Timepiece

Then, from 1969 to 1999, Tudor underwent a phase of the model Submariner’s history that lasted until 1999. This period set the general foundations of the product, which were laid by the Tudor 7900 series, but continued to evolve throughout the years.

Tudor’s diver watch technology became so reputable that it began to be adopted by military organizations in Europe and the US, like the US military and, more recently, the French Navy.
Tudor Swiss Watch


Why choose Tudor Timepieces?

The best thing about Tudor is its rich array of options and multiple collections is that, no matter what your style is, there’s a Tudor to help you create beautiful things and put together the perfect outfit for whatever occasion you can possibly think of. 

Why? Because Tudor is a brand that successfully does what few designers are able to do: to conciliate the timeless, classy tradition of the past with the innovative attitude of constantly evolving. Choose to wear a Tudor watch and be exceptional as you do it.

Where to find exclusive Tudor watches in Arkansas (AR)

At Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry, you can find exclusive Tudor pieces that will prove to be the ultimate addition when it comes to highlighting your accessories with incomparable design and style, to both men and women alike. So, let us find the perfect Tudor watch for you! Our inventory includes several of the key Tudor collections, including the designer’s most traditional collection lines, such as the classic Tudor 1926 collection, the Tudor Clair de Rose collection, and the timeless Tudor Glamour Date collection
Blakeman`s Fine Jewelry

Yet, our selection also features more exquisite, exuberant and one-of-a-kind collections, featuring models from the Tudor Heritage collection and pieces from the distinctively beautiful Tudor Pelagos collection

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