A Guide To Men’s Rings

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A Guide To Men’s Rings

Who says rings are exclusive to women? These days, more and more men are daring to express their personality and style with rings, as these pieces of jewelry are an amazing addition to their overall look that complement many accessories that men wear daily, such as timepieces and necklaces.

A bit about men’s fashion rings

In the past, rings were objects associated with femininity, but now they’re one of the coolest accessories a man can wear. Yet, since men’s rings are anything but ordinary accessories, if you’re going to wear them, it’s of the utmost importance that you do it with confidence.

Rings significantly impact those around you, since they’re worn on hands and most physical social human interaction usually involves that part of the body. If rings are somewhat new to you, follow our tips to make no mistakes and accessorize with them the right way.
power of rings

How to use the power of rings in your favor

At Blakeman’s, we know just how important rings are for fashion-forward men. So, we have put together this blog post to inform you all about men’s rings to make you start appreciating their power more and more - even if you’ve never worn rings before in your life!

Check out our different tips and information about them and adorn yourself with these pieces that are especially aimed to highlight the part of our body we use the most: our hands. We use them to do just about anything, during every social interaction. Ready to let us help you find the perfect ring for you? Dive in!
combine rings

How to wear (and combine) rings the right way

Men’s rings are guaranteed to enhance your style while adding a special touch to a man’s personality, but balance is key. So, to combine them properly, avoid shiny materials that will draw more attention to you than a ring should in the first place and that could risk overwhelming the overall outfit. The key is to remember to keep it simple.

Also, keep in mind the occasion in which you’ll be wearing the ring. Ask yourself if it’ll match the overall look of your outfit and go hand in hand with it. For instance, if you want to wear a gemstone ring, it’s best to do so in casual settings, but not to work, to which more neutral metals would be the way to go, as these are appropriate without being too over the top.

Moreover, if you already enjoy wearing other accessories, you’ll need to make sure you match rings with your bracelets, necklaces (sometimes worn all the time), belts and last but not least, watches before adding rings to your outfit. As with any other accessory, men’s rings should complement the overall style of your outfit; not take over it.

Lastly (but by no means least), there’s no protocol in terms of which hand to wear any rings on, so this is up to you. But pay special attention to what you’ll be wearing on your wrists and hands. Say one of your wrists is full of bracelets. In that case, it would be best to wear a ring on your bare hand, for the sake of symmetry.
metal for mens rings

Choosing the right metal for men’s rings

The right ring for you is one that’ll best complement your physical features, enhance your personality, and your personal style. But, there’s a lot that a metal has to offer in and of itself. Let’s check some of that information out, so you can make your own informed decision.

That said, it’s always safe to start out with neutral and dark colors such as onyx, stainless steel or titanium. With time, you’ll get the hang of it and will gain confidence and a better sense of fashion. Then, upgrading your men’s rings to pieces with stones and flashier designs will be natural.
Yellow gold

Yellow gold men’s rings

The yellow hues found in yellow gold men’s rings make the perfect complement to warmer and olive skin undertones, as they are harmonious with its yellowish undertones and bring out a particular glow to that skin type. So, if your skin is warmer to darker, yellow will be a perfect suit to it, as it’ll simply look amazing on your skin.
White gold and platinum

White gold men’s rings and platinum men’s rings

White gold’s harmonious neutral hues resemble silver tones, offering a go-to option for virtually any skin color. Most of all, white gold men’s rings, as well as silver and platinum men’s rings (a slightly darker variation) look especially good on fairer skin tones, hence tend to be a very popular choice among all. There’s basically no way to go wrong with them.
Rose gold

Rose gold men’s rings

When gold takes the form of rose gold, it simply is the perfect match for bold, daring, or even romantic personalities that like to stand out from the crowd when it comes to choosing their accessories. Rose gold men’s rings are especially good in enhancing the undertones of tanned skin colors.

Where to get the best men’s rings in Rogers, Arkansas

By now, you know better how to choose the perfect ring for you and to accessorize in style. So, feel free to browse the links above to find out aboutour exclusive collection of men’s rings. We offer you top designers such as David Yurman as well as Gumuchian.

But, if you prefer to see the rings in person, feel free to drop by our store at 3202 South Pinnacle Hills Pkwy, Rogers, Arkansas 72758, to see our wide inventory of men’s rings available to you, and enjoy a complimentary talk with our awesome staff.

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