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Everything you need to know about jewelry repair services

Jewelry represents special moments of our lives, and that is why we never want them to fade or break.  A piece of jewelry is always delicate and has an elaborate structure of metals and precious stones.
Jewelry tends to gain meaning and value over time. They offer pleasure and showcase our identity. It might take some courage to entrust such precious objects to someone we do not know. There is good news—in this article, you will learn about jewelry repairs to rest assured your jewelry is in good hands with Blakeman's.
Whether you wish for cherished jewelry to return to its first-day glow, find treatments for opaque jewelry, understand the value of certain jewelry, or repair a precious piece that was damaged, you are in the right place!
Common jewelry repair issues we can easily fix

Precious stone repair

Precious stone and diamond resetting

Diamonds and gemstones are commonly held in place with tiny metal prongs. Given the delicate nature and flawless surface of jewels, it is common to leave a margin so that prongs do not press against a rare gem.
Sometimes, prongs are a little too loose, making them move or weaken after collisions or even break with many years of use.
This is one reason why jewelry maintenance is so essential: while unfastened prongs are easy to repair, the loss of a precious gemstone is irreparable. Bring your jewelry to Blakeman's experts, so we can prevent that from happening.

Stone replacement

Jewelry pieces with missing stones lack the original glamour. If you have a jewelry piece that needs a matching gem or that doesn't showcase your favorite colors, we can replace them.
Our gemologists can get the color very close to other gems, the difference becoming nearly invisible to the naked eye.
Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating is the process used to return jewelry to its original luster with a metal called rhodium. Rhodium is rare, white, durable, but it is also used to make other metals brighter.
When white gold jewelry has its shine dimmed, it is possible to bring it back to life with electricity and a new thin layer of rhodium! Book an appointment!
Resizing ring


If you have a new or old ring that needs to be resized, our in-house jewelers are on hand to help!
It can be challenging to choose the correct size for a ring, especially if it is a gift. If you want to surprise someone, but you don't know their ring size, you can always order the medium ring size and send it back to us for resizing!
Take advantage of our expert jewelers. The process of resizing rings involves cutting the band and increasing or decreasing its size before reuniting it. When increasing size, our jewelers add a new metal section, and when decreasing, they will cut a tiny stripe off before melding the two ends.
Resizing ring

There is a limit to how much the size of a ring can change, if at all. Our professionals will let you know all risks involved after a meticulous evaluation.
Some rings are too complex to downsize such as titanium rings and rings featuring encrusted gemstones. Don't worry. We will consider the best alternatives. If you have gemstones on your ring, Blakeman's jewelers will remove them before the ring is resized. You can trust our experienced jewelers with such stones.

Jewelry inspection

Cleaning and inspection

Like we mentioned before, jewelry is too precious not to be inspected. Our experts use advanced equipments to verify any microscopic issues before they can surprise you.
Schedule a time to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned. We love to take care of your treasured pieces.
Polishing silver

Polishing silver and gold jewelry

When you wear a piece of jewelry every day, all substances you get in contact with can make their way into your jewelry. Some of them can be cleaned off, but some will leave their mark.  
In this case, polishing and dissolving hard substances will guarantee the quality of your piece is unchanged. Different metals require different techniques to reach their maximum reflective power. Our artisans know just how to take care of it!
Blakeman's experts work with professional files, brushes, pastes, and metal cleaners. Your jewelry will shine bright when you see it again!
Chain repairs

Chain repairs

Metal chains and links can be repaired with meticulous leveling work and torch welding. Some take more time to repair, and some will only need additional links.
It takes a true artisan to make a nearly invisible repair for some chains, especially thread chains. It is not surprising that after years of use, a few chain links weaken. If a chain is overly thin, it may prove impossible to repair. In all cases, you can bring it to Blakeman's talented hands.
If you suspect you have a weak chain in your hands, our professional advice is not to wear it before an inspection. Whether it is a necklace, anklet, or bracelet, the loss of such pieces is heartbreaking, especially when they were gifts from people we love, don't risk it.

How long does it take to repair jewelry at Blakeman's?

Each piece of jewelry is unique. The repair time will be personalized to each of your requests and will always depend on the complexity level.
On some occasions, cleaning and polishing can be completed on the spot but resizing, and chain repairs may take longer.
To get the jewelry back to its original luster, we use the most applicable techniques for each piece. In that sense, our professionals will answer all your questions and appraise the repair cost for all possible solutions.
Maybe you have a dated piece of jewelry, and you don't know what you could do with it or even which jewels are in it.
Whatever the case, you can talk to Blakeman's in-house jeweler and gemologist for creative ways to remodel it
into a brand-new piece no one else will have!

Learn more about Blakeman's jewelry restyling steps

Jewelry repair in Northwest Arkansas

Blakeman's is your jewelry repair shop in Rogers, AR. We are a family-owned business serving this community with repair and custom jewelry services since 1987. 
Enjoy Blakeman's expertise and bring your jewelry for repair, maintenance, and restyling. To us, repairing your jewels means celebrating the special moments of your life with you.
We know how much jewelry means to our customers, so we give them all our attention and dedication. Our skilled artists will bring your pieces back to life with passion and creativity!
Transform old jewelry, reset loose stones, restore chains, or take advantage of our reputable work and on-site jewelry repair service. At Blakeman's, you are heard, and your doubts are solved before any repairs start. Book an appointment today!

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