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All Things Men’s Wedding

This guide will tell you all you need to know about men’s wedding bands. At Blakeman's, we take men's wedding bands seriously,  caring about them just as much as engagement rings and wedding bands for her. 
The symbolism of wedding bands relates to love and that's why they're meant to be worn for a lifetime by the couple. Since it's something meant to be worn forever, the groom should choose a wedding band that suits him in the best way possible. Let's see how to find the right wedding band match for him.

But first, do the couple's wedding bands have to match?

Man Wedding Band

Traditionally, the wedding bands of the groom and bride were designed to match in style, but this is long outdated. These days, grooms are completely free to wear a band featuring the metals and design of their preference. As much as it is a decision that is entirely up to them, we will offer some guidance on how to choose the perfect band match for him.
Pair of White Gold Wedding Bands

How to pick the best wedding band for him

The key to finding the right wedding band for him is choosing a piece that will resonate well with the groom's overall personality, style, lifestyle, and physical appearance. Let's see how to do that exactly, step by step.

For those grooms who are used to wearing watches or even bracelets, you might want to opt for a metal that will be a good suit to these accessories, just to be on the safe side. White gold, platinum, or titanium wedding bands are known for being very good matches to the materials usually featured on these accessories, which are mainly stainless steel. It's important to consider his lifestyle, to make sure it is in harmony with any additional accessories that he may wear on a daily basis. 

In addition to lifestyle, consider personal taste in relation to the groom's physical features. Some metals simply look better on some people's complexion than on others. In general, yellow gold suits warmer to darker complexions really well. 
White gold and silver, on the other hand, are a great match to any skin undertone. That's why these metals are so popular amongst engaged couples.

Men's wedding bands by precious metal


Yellow gold wedding bands for him

Gold is a timeless precious metal that looks and feels like royalty, so there is no way to go wrong with it. Yellow gold wedding bands for him are a classic, and most wedding bands used to feature yellow gold originally. This metal has an incomparable durability and it makes golden and olive skin tones stand out beautifully, as it harmonizes with the golden undertones of these skin types.
White Gold Wedding Band

White gold wedding bands for him

Usually when people think of 'white' wedding bands, they are referring to silver tones that, most of the time, mean white gold. White gold wedding bands for him look especially good on virtually anyone, no matter their complexion. From fairer to darker skin tones, it harmonizes well with it due to its naturally neutral hues.
Rose Gold Wedding Band

Rose gold wedding bands for him

Rose gold is perfect for those who like to step out of the ordinary and be original. Thus, rose gold wedding bands for him are one-of-a-kind and unique, and also make a good match to warmer and darker skin complexions, as they enhance this skin tone. 

Additional men's wedding bands by metal

Other than the precious metal gold, there are also other metals that are very famous among men when it comes to featuring wedding bands for him. Amongst those are gray metals that look just as harmonious as white gold on one's skin. The most famous amongst these metals are platinum and titanium, which are popular due to their durability and endurance and also for matching many men's accessories, such as watches, really well.
Platinum Wedding Band

Platinum men’s wedding bands

In addition to being beautiful and an extremely fancy choice for men’s accessories in general, platinum wedding bands for him are popular for being an extremely resistant metal that conveys a strong character in itself for those who chose to wear it on a daily basis. It is also reliable because it withstands extreme temperatures and maintains its looks over time. It is also popular for easily harmonizing aesthetically with timepieces and bracelets. 

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