Everything You Need To Know About Watch Repairs

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Everything You Need To Know About Watch Repairs

The prized timepieces in your collection need regular maintenance to remain spotless for years to come, and always perform like new. Whether it’s a simple battery change or a complete mechanical overhaul, the best way to maintain your timepieces is to have them looked after by professionals from time to time. 

If you’re wondering what types of watch repairs and maintenance services you can get at Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry, here’s a breakdown of what our experts can do to keep your watches as good as new for the long run.

Inspection Luxury watches


Luxury watches are delicate pieces that need constant monitoring to ensure that they perform at a top level. Timepieces need professional care to make sure they continue to run smoothly and accurately.

That’s why it’s important to have your watches inspected by experts from time to time. Special equipment ensures any issues are prevented before they even get a chance to crop up if you have your watches regularly inspected.
Watch Repair

Battery replacement

A regular battery can last between eighteen months to two years of normal use. So, if your battery-operated watch isn’t as accurate as it used to be, it’s probably time for a new battery. 

This is one of the most common issues we get and, thankfully, it’s easily fixed. However, just because this is a simple process, it doesn’t mean that you should do it yourself.

That’s because changing the battery involves opening up your timepiece, which could damage it if done incorrectly. Not to mention, in order to preserve the integrity of your watch’s waterproof seal, it’s essential to have the battery replaced by an expert with the proper tools.
Strap replacement

Strap replacement and link adjustments

Whether the links on your watch have become wobbly, you need to adjust the size of a new watch’s band, or you want to replace the strap on an old timepiece, you can come to us to tailor your wristwatches to fit you like a glove.

We provide link adjustments and strap replacements to a variety of timepieces, including models by some of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers. With our expert help, resizing your watch is easy and stress-free.


To say that watches and magnetic fields don't agree is an understatement. Few factors present a bigger challenge to a mechanical watch than magnetism. The problem is that we are constantly exposed to magnetic fields generated by our phones, credit cards, computers, and much more. 

With time, it’s not uncommon for watches to get magnetized. Then, they start to run poorly because major components of the movement cannot interact as they normally would without magnetic force interfering.

To fix that, and make sure your timepiece is as precise and accurate as it should be, just bring it over to our experts, and they will demagnetize it for you with special demagnetizing tools.
display replacement

Crystal display replacement 

Most watch lovers wear their timepieces often and, no matter how careful we are, small scratches on your watches’ displays are simply inevitable. After all, all it takes for a wristwatch to lose its flawless outline is a bump on a hard surface.

To fix that, and bring your watches to their former glory, we offer alternatives such as polishing services and authorized crystal replacement. No matter which option you choose, your watch will leave the shop looking spotless.
watch engraving

Bonus: watch engraving

Thanks to engraving, wrist and pocket watches can be turned into truly unique pieces. You can add a sweet message, create an interesting design, write your favorite quote, or even get your family crest on the back of your favorite watches.

And, if you’re surprising a loved one with a timepiece to celebrate a special occasion, this is a great way to make sure your gift is even more special and memorable. The engraving will remain stamped on the watch for years to come, and every time they catch a glimpse of it, they’ll be reminded of you and the time you gave them their beautiful watch. 

Watch repairs in Rogers, AR

Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry offers a state-of-the-art on-site watch repair facility where our experts repair your watches with the utmost attention to detail and expertise. From battery replacement to watch restoration and cleaning, you can trust us with your most prized possessions.

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