A Complete Guide To Roberto Coin Jewelry

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A Complete Guide To Roberto Coin Jewelry

Roberto Coin creates stunning pieces of jewelry that feel more like wearable works of art than plain accessories, inspired by Italian art, architecture, and nature. So, if you want to add some one-of-a-kind items to your jewelry collection but need help knowing where to begin, Roberto Coin could be the designer for you. To help you, let's look at what makes Roberto Coin jewelry some of the most loved in the world.

So, if you want to grow your jewelry collection with unique pieces, Roberto Coin might be just the perfect designer for you. To help you choose the perfect pieces for you, let’s take a closer look at what makes Roberto Coin jewelry some of the most coveted in the world.

Who is Roberto Coin? 

Roberto Coin

In 1996, the Roberto Coin brand was founded. Its creator, with whom it shares a name, made the decision to abandon his lucrative work as a hotelier to pursue a goal and embark on a brand-new, ardent journey because of his intrinsic love for the worlds of art and fashion.

The renowned jewelry designer was born in Venice and established his illustrious company in Vicenza, a nearby city. Vicenza, sometimes referred to as the "City of Gold," serves as the appropriate base of operations for Roberto Coin and his group of talented artisans. Vicenza is also a never-ending source of inspiration.

Why does Roberto Coin use rubies?

Roberto Coin ruby

Every item of jewelry that Roberto Coin makes is known for containing rubies. The ruby, which is his unique trademark and can be found inside each item, also contains a hidden message of good wishes for the wearer.

In each piece, Roberto Coin places a ruby, since it is said that individuals who wear rubies close to their skin will experience health, happiness, and wealth as a result. His designs are so distinctive and exceptional because of thoughtful nuances like this.

Iconic Roberto Coin collections

Roberto Coin consistently combines design, art, and innovation to produce spectacular pieces of premium jewelry throughout all of his lines. Here are some of the most recognizable designs of the brand.
Love In Verona

Love In Verona

This collection is a tribute to lovely Verona, the Italian metropolis of love and the setting for Romeo and Juliet. As a result, Love in Verona's simple and modern aesthetic expresses a spirit as old as everlasting love.

All of the items in Love in Verona have gorgeous four-petaled flower designs, making it a really classic design. The nicest element is that each item has this recognizable pattern on the inside and the exterior, constantly reminding you of your inner beauty. 
Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

This remarkable collection, which transforms the marble facade of Venice's most renowned palace into priceless works of art for you to wear, was inspired by Roberto Coin's favorite architectural landmark, the Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

In an homage to Venetian Gothic art and its iconic shapes, the themes in this collection reimagine the palace's patterns using gold and priceless jewels.

Roberto Coin jewelry

Roberto Coin's brilliant vision came to life in the hands of the most prestigious and historic Italian jewelers, who used their talent to tell his story via diamonds that genuinely took on the status of works of art. Check out some of them:

Roberto Coin Bracelets

The adaptability of Roberto Coin jewelry is paramount. Because of this, his bracelets not only look stunning on their own, but also complement one another well. So, feel free to experiment with various bracelet styles and metals to build a fashionable stack. Roberto Coin bracelets are ideal for every occasion, from diamond cuffs to gold bangles.

Roberto Coin Rings

Every taste and personal style is catered to with a wide selection of exquisite ring designs from Roberto Coin, including small stackable bands, spectacular cocktail rings, and everything in between. Rings by Roberto Coin, which come in opulent and simple forms, subtly give a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Roberto Coin Necklaces

Roberto Coin necklaces are genuinely one-of-a-kind pieces of art, ranging from the recognizable initial necklace by the designer and beautiful diamond pendants to chic paperclip link chains and styles motivated by the stunning façade of Venetian houses. A Roberto Coin necklace is always a good choice, whether you appreciate his traditional pieces or adore his innovative creations.

Roberto Coin Earrings

Roberto Coin earrings express sophistication with their classic forms that are ideal for any occasion, and motifs that are reminiscent of Italian art. One of the most attractive jewelry items you may own in your collection is a pair of Roberto Coin earrings, which are exquisitely made by expert artisans and frame your face with a dazzling radiance.

Where to find Roberto Coin jewelry in Rogers, AR?

Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry offers the best selection of Roberto Coin jewelry in Roger, Arkansas.

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