Essentials Of Watch Repairs

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Essentials Of Watch Repairs

Timepieces are special accessories for both men and women. Not only do they serve to tell the time, they also make you look good and put together, ready to face whatever challenges life presents us with on a particular day. But even - and especially - your watches need good maintenance, and sometimes they break and may need to be repaired.


Why is it so important to take care of your watches?

Blakeman's takes timepieces very seriously, so we think it's important to share with you all of the ways we can take care of your watches, whether in a preventive way, or with  common watch repairs. That way, you'll know all about how to keep your watches looking and working like new.
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It’s important that you go to a trusted expert to do so, since amazing results demand detailed accuracy, and you need a business you can rely on. At Blakeman's, we are all certified, with over 30 years of experience, time during which our team has been employing trusted techniques to service watches. 

Examples of common watch repair services

Professional jewelers can help you keep your watches looking spotless. Every day, they repair anything from everyday wear and tear to severe damage. Most luxury watch brands advise customers to leave watch maintenance only to the original manufacturer, which can be limiting to the customer. Ideally, you should take it to a trusted jeweler as they know how to fix even luxury watch brands without damaging them. 
Watch repairs can range from quick battery changes to full overhauls. Here’s an overview of the most common watch repair services:
Watch Leather Band

Watch Band replacement
It might be the case that your watch band or strap is damaged. If that happens, the best thing to do is to replace it. Finding a good replacement is only possible with the guidance of a trusted jeweler, who will find the best match and a piece that looks almost identical to the one that was damaged.
Battery Replacement

Battery and strap replacement
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Watch Cleaning

Cleaning and polishing
Most watches feature metals such as stainless steel or titanium, that are prone to corrosion when exposed to water (even if they are waterproof) or that can simply accumulate dirt, so cleaning and polishing is a process that will make your watch look brand new and shining, just like when you first bought it. 

Watch glass replacement

Watch glass replacement
Sometimes due to pressure or as a result of a fall, your watch glass can crack or creak. Replacing that glass is not rocket science for a jeweler, but again, you need to have that service done by an expert to avoid damaging the rest of your watch case. The glass needs to be a perfect fit to the older glass in order to keep the timepiece's overall balance.
Watch dial restoration

Watch dial restoration
This service is extremely specialized, since it requires the dial to be dismantled and the markers or numbers are removed so that it can be rubbed down to its base metal color to make it shinier again. Then, the dial is slowly built back together, with a result that brings back the original color, finish, and decoration to the dial.
Watch Water Resistance

Time accuracy and water-resistance testing
It's always good to test your watch time accuracy to see if it is keeping the time in a perfect pace. Likewise, if your timepiece is water resistant, it's always wise to test for its resistance to make sure it is still trustworthy. If not, it will need to be fixed. 
Watch Bezel Repair

Dial, crystal, and bezel repair or replacement
If the precious pieces inside your watch case have been damaged, a trusted jeweler can open the case and fix them  meticulously, so as not to damage the appearance of the timepiece.

Where to get your watch repaired in Rogers, AR 

At Blakeman's, we understand that your watches are incredibly valuable pieces of jewelry to you, so if they break, you should only trust them to the best and most respected experts. Because we love what we do, we take special care in fixing the timepieces of our clients.
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If you trust us with your watches, we guarantee you won't ever have to look for another jeweler for your repair services. We work with high end metals including platinum, gold, silver, and more. So, whether you need to polish your metal watch, refurbish your silver, or even to fix the glass of your case, you can always count on us to fix it.
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