Unveil The Unparalleled Beauty Of Diamond Jewelry

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Unveil The Unparalleled Beauty Of Diamond Jewelry


Diamonds are synonymous with luxury and prestige. Their rare beauty is so singular that no other gemstone in the world compares to them. It’s no wonder diamonds are so iconic.

When you wear diamond jewelry, you instantly look more radiant and feel more confident. Be it dainty diamond studs, a timeless tennis bracelet, or a lavish diamond ring, these dazzling jewelry pieces are great additions to your ever-growing jewelry collection.



What is so special about diamonds?

Diamonds are the most precious of all gemstones. Their strength is so astonishing that their very name derives from the ancient Greek word for “unbreakable”.

Their staggering beauty and unique qualities have made diamonds cherished and prized for millennia. But diamonds aren’t admired just for their mesmerizing beauty. Having been formed between one and three billion years ago, diamonds also hold the title of being one of the oldest substances known to man.

These stunning gems are also famous for being the hardest mineral on earth, which means only a diamond can cut another diamond. That’s why diamonds stay with you forever. It’s no wonder they’ve become symbolic of eternal love - which makes diamonds the perfect gift for your loved one. 

Iconic diamond jewelry pieces

Let’s be honest, any piece of jewelry which is bedazzled with diamonds is breathtakingly beautiful.
That’s what diamonds do: they make everything they touch stunning.

However, we’ve compiled a list of the five most iconic and timeless diamond jewelry pieces
which you need to add to your collection. Let’s take a look at them.
Diamond stud earrings


Diamond stud earrings

Diamond studs are the quintessential timeless earring. The best thing about this design is that the diamonds bring light to your face and instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit. It doesn’t get more effortlessly elegant than diamond stud earrings. For a bolder look, combine your diamond studs with diamond hoops to create a dazzling earring stack.

Diamond fashion rings


Diamond fashion rings

Don’t think for a second that diamond rings are exclusive to engagements. From dainty stackable bands to lavish diamond rings, these stunning accessories are the perfect pieces to add glamour to any outfit. And the best part is that they’re super versatile, so you can wear them anywhere - day and night - and you’ll always look like a million bucks.

Diamond necklaces


Diamond necklaces

Whether you prefer a dainty diamond pendant, a trendy diamond station necklace, or a lavish tennis necklace, you can never go wrong with dazzling diamonds around your neck. For the maximum amount of sparkle, layer a couple of diamond necklaces of different styles and lengths - you’ll always look super stylish!

Diamond bracelets


Diamond bracelets

There’s something mesmerizing about wrapping your wrist with diamonds that just can’t be beaten by any other piece of jewelry. While tennis bracelets are always a great choice, other stunning options include diamond chain bracelets, diamond charms, and shimmering station bracelets.

Diamond hoop earrings


Diamond hoop earrings

Diamond hoops are timeless jewelry staples. The minimalist design of hoops is super elegant, and the addition of diamonds to the sleek silhouette makes these earrings incredibly impactful. If you find diamond hoops too dramatic, then huggies - their smaller and daintier version - are the perfect choice for you.

Perfect Diamond

Choosing the perfect diamond

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a diamond is the so-called “Four Cs”, which stands for color, clarity, cut, and carat. That’s the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond.

To understand what each of these four factors means, explore our Diamond Education Guide.


Top diamond jewelry designers

There’s no denying that diamonds are beautiful. However, just being beautiful won’t do. You want your diamond jewelry to also have the highest quality and be designed with the greatest care and attention to every detail. That’s why it’s important to purchase your pieces from designers you know are the best at what they do.


Here are some of the best diamond jewelry designers to be on the lookout for.

• JB Star
• Roberto Coin 
• Jade Trau
• Christopher Designs

Where to buy diamond jewelry in Rogers, AR?

Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry is your go-to jewelry store for the best diamond jewelry in Rogers, AR. 

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