The Ultimate Guide To Must-Have Fashion Rings

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The Ultimate Guide To Must-Have Fashion Rings

Rings have been adorning our fingers for thousands of years, and it’s easy to see why these accessories have been such beloved staples for so long. After all, these stunning jewelry pieces have the power to dress up any outfit.

Whether you prefer statement gemstone rings, minimalist stackable bands, or anything in between, wearing a couple of rings to top off your outfits is all you need to always look your best. To help you with that, let’s explore the most iconic ring styles you need in your jewelry collection!


What is a fashion ring?

Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands, or any other rings which carry some sort of symbolic significance,
fashion rings are those worn solely for decorative purposes. 

These beautiful rings don’t necessarily have any meaning behind them, and you wear them
to express your unique personal style and dress up your outfits.

Fashion rings vary greatly in design. From the daintiest band to lavish cocktail rings,
you have endless stunning options to add to your jewelry box.

Fashion ring styles

With an array of designs, precious metals, and gemstones to choose from, fashion rings
are a great way for you to have fun with your jewelry and always wear something different.
Here are some of the most popular fashion ring styles you need in your collection.


Gold fashion rings


Gold fashion rings

Whether you prefer white, yellow, or rose gold fashion rings, there’s no denying that these pieces are timeless staples to have in your jewelry collection. You can never go wrong with gold fashion rings.

If you love bold jewelry pieces, then yellow gold rings are perfect for you. But, if you’re all about understated elegance, opt for white gold rings instead. And, if you want to add a touch of romance to your jewelry, rose gold rings are just what you need.

Diamond fashion rings


Diamond fashion rings

Who says diamonds are exclusive to engagement rings and wedding bands? Diamond rings were worn as fashion accessories long before they became the ultimate symbol of love - and they’re still incredibly popular! 

Diamond fashion rings are timeless and versatile pieces which make quite a statement. And, the best part is that they can be worn both as everyday rings and as statement pieces for special occasions.

Cocktail ring

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are some of the most iconic jewelry pieces you can have in your collection. These rings are designed to make a statement, and usually feature an oversized center stone. Cocktail rings are the perfect accessories if you love bold jewelry.

Traditionally, cocktail rings were intended to be worn on special occasions due to their oversized design, and not as everyday pieces. However, there are no set rules anymore, so if you feel like wearing them as everyday accessories, go for it!

Stackable rings

Stackable rings

As their name suggests, these rings are designed to be stacked up on top of each other, playing off of one another’s beauty and creating a cohesive look. The best thing about stackable rings is that you can let your creativity run wild to mix and match different styles, metal colors, widths, and gemstones to create your own unique stacks. 

And, if you prefer it, you can wear one stackable band to create an elegant and minimalist look - which is super in vogue right now! However you prefer to style them, there’s no denying stackable rings are incredibly versatile and timeless pieces to have in your jewelry box.


How to wear fashion rings

We often get asked questions like what fingers to wear fashion rings on, if you can wear a fashion ring on your wedding finger, and how to create a ring stack. But, the beauty of fashion rings is that you can style them whichever way you like! 

There’s no right or wrong way to wear fashion rings. You can style them with anything from leggings to gowns. You can mix and match rings of different styles, precious metals, and gemstones every day, and you’ll never run out of options. Just remember to style your rings in a way that they complement each other.

You can do that by sticking to a single metal throughout all pieces, opting for rings of a similar style but in different colors, or designs featuring the same gemstone. Just use your creativity and remember that the sky’s the limit.

Where to buy fashion rings in Rogers, AR?

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