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Gold Pendants in Roger, AR

Pendant necklaces are an important part of any jewelry collection. Hanging from your neck and with high visibility, these pieces are usually one of the first things people see when they look at you. For that reason, it’s important you get one that matches your style and your personality. Whether or not you want to make a statement, pendant necklaces are wearable by anyone and everyone. We at Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry are proud to offer a wide variety of styles from multiple designers.

From the notable New York City-based designer, Charles Krypell, we have some lovely selections for you to choose from. Drawing much inspiration from architecture and fine art, Krypell gained popularity forty years ago with his stunning work using sterling silver.

Today, with his Silver collection pendant necklaces, he goes back to his roots and creates one of a kind pieces you’re bound to adore, like this Sterling Silver and 18k Rose Gold Pendant. Hanging off of a 17” long chain is a dazzling circle pendant. In the center, a large circle made of 18k Rose Gold glows with a sterling silver beaded halo around it. Also available with a yellow gold center, both options shine as bright as the sun.

Providing you with incomparable craftsmanship since 1978, New York-based DA Gold offers gold pieces like no other. In this yellow gold pendant, we see geometric shapes taking center stage. The pendant is broken up into four curved rectangular rows, with diamonds defining the shape and outlines separating each row.

As the rows grow outwards, the amount of diamonds increases until occupying the pendant in its entirety. In a similar display, DA Gold gives us the same pendant in a circle shape with an extra layer of diamonds, available in both 14k White or Rose Gold.

From Vicenza, Italy comes the timeless elegance of Roberto Cain. Using his romantic and borderless imagination, the designer creates one of a kind pieces using only conflict-free materials.

As part of his princess Collection, Roberto Cain gives us this stunning Two-Tone Gold Medium Flower Pendant. On an adjustable 17/18” rope chain is this gorgeous pendant made up of four outward-facing teardrop shapes lining up to form a flower. Outlining each of the four segments is a gold rope design that loops in and around each shape in a never-ending fashion.

Inspired by her adoption story of her daughter Julia, Jackie Cohen started My Story as a jewelry brand to represent life’s milestones. Because her first piece of jewelry, a birthstone band for her daughter, meant something dear to her, My Story wants to offer you the same personal touch with this personalized dog tag pendant.

Engravable with whatever meaning you choose, the pendant features a long and narrow base that will fall elegantly against your chest. Above it, and connecting the base to the chain are two vertically lined diamonds with filigree halo’s around each. Truly a remarkable design, My Story offers this piece in both 14k yellow and rose gold.

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