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Necklaces and Pendants in Northwest Arkansas

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Here, you'll find exclusive necklaces in different beautiful styles in Rogers, Arkansas such as diamond pendants, gold necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, and more. They are the best way to update your wardrobe completely with only one item since they are the ideal way to convey style and enhance any outfit. Come visit us in Rogers, Arkansas

Pendant necklaces are an important part of any jewelry collection. Hanging from your neck and with high visibility, these pieces are usually one of the first things people see when they look at you. For that reason, it’s important you get one that matches your style and your personality. Whether or not you want to make a statement, pendant necklaces are wearable by anyone and everyone. We at Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry are proud to offer a wide variety of styles, all from the notable New York City based designer, Charles Krypell.

Drawing much inspiration from architecture and fine art, Krypell gained popularity forty years ago with his stunning work using sterling silver. Today, with his Silver collection pendant necklaces, he goes back to his roots and creates one of a kind pieces you’re bound to adore.

To start off, we have this simple but bold Single Ivy Bead Necklace. Hanging from a silver box chain link, is this intricately twisted bead that draws inspiration from the tangled vines of ivy. At 11mm, the twists and curves in the design are minuscule, but leave a lasting impression when looked at closely.

Sometimes, just like height in high heels, length is the dramatic addition a pendant necklace needs. If you really enjoy the complexity in the ivy bead of the former necklace, Charles Krypell has added a different version containing multiple. At 38 inches long, this box chain link can be worn as one dramatically long piece, or can be wrapped around your neck in whichever way and however many times you please.

In this wrapped form, the illusion of wearing multiple necklaces is present and provides the highest of glamour. With also allowing different lengths and ways to wrap it, you have the option of changing the necklace every time and truly having fun with your jewelry. Charles Krypell also has another ivy bead necklace, with the same level of elegance but in a different style.

Containing three medium sized ivy beads, this necklace is actually on a lariat, meaning that it contains a secured loop in the center that allows the chain to adjust and slide while remaining intact. In this piece, an ivy bead acts as the loop that holds on to the chain tight, with the chain parting into two separate threads below, each finished with an ivy bead of their own. Just like the former, Charles Krypell has designed this necklace to be adjustable, giving you more room to enjoy your jewelry pieces each day.

Also on a box chain link, this nature inspired silver pendant is one to see. Held in place by the chain at the top two corner points, this rectangle pendant is beautifully sized at 17,18 inches long. On top of the rectangle pendant lays an extra layer of ornamentation, a spectacular ivy lace design that fills the shape entirely. Laid on as a separate entity, the addition of this layer adds a textural aspect to this already geometric necklace. Complex but artfully simple, this pendant makes the perfect addition to any collection.

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